Fair Go Finance values you!

This section has been especially designed to value your point of view & to keep you informed.

How Our Customers Rate us:

At Fair Go Finance we regularly survey our clients so we can improve our service and our business. 
The NPS score is based on our customers’ likelihood to recommend our company’s products or services to a friend or colleague.

This score is updated monthly on our website and this month’s NPS Score is:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.18.36 AM

You’re feedback = Our NPS Score!

By introducing the NPS Score on our webpage, you, our clients, determine just how well we are doing. We get some amazing and constructive feedback, so each month we reward one of our best client responses with $100!

Thanks to Kyle from Queensland who was our most recent winner! By taking the time to complete our short 3 question survey, not only did he give us some valuable feedback, but he also received $100 in his account as our way of saying thanks!

So if you want to be heard, please take the time to complete our client survey. Not only will you see us sit down and listen but you may get a nice $100 thank you too!


*customer survey – this will be e-mailed to you if your loan is approved and funded