What is a Holiday Loan?

  • A Holiday loan is a personal loan for holiday needs such as flights, accommodation, spending money or any of the items on your holiday check list
  • Applicants with either good or bad credit history can apply
  • Our holiday loans can be from $500 – $5000
  • For Holiday loans over $5000, a larger loan can be applied for by applicants with good credit


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When you apply for a Holiday Loan with us, you get:

1. Easy Application Form & Fast Loan Process

2. Receive a conditional outcome

3. Easy Instructions on what documents we need

4. Funds transferred upon final approval

What is a Holiday Loan and How Does it Work?

A Holiday Loan is a personal loan you can apply for if you need help to cover the costs involved with a holiday.

Our holiday finance works just like a normal loan. You simply apply for a particular amount to help fund your holiday, and if approved, the money will be transferred into your bank account. You will need to make monthly repayments (even if you are still on your holiday) but don’t worry, we will set up a direct debit to your bank account so all you need to do is make sure the repayment amount is available when it’s due to be taken out.

So if you feel you need cash for holidays, why not consider applying for a holiday loan?We have helped many customers make their holiday dream a reality, and we hope we can help with your holiday dream too!







Who is this product for?                                  People who need funds to help cover holiday expenses

Am I eligible to apply?                                     You need to be at least 18 years of age, a permanent Australian resident, and in regular paid employment to apply

How much can I borrow?                                From $500 to $100,000

Lender                                                             Fair Go Finance up to $5000. For over $5000 a lender will be selected from our panel of lenders.