Are You Suffering Financial Hardship?

If you are faced with bills and expenses you can’t manage, there are a number of options you can consider. The option that is right for you will depend on your situation.

Don’t choose bankruptcy/personal insolvency before you completely understand what it involves and the serious consequences of doing so.

Bankruptcy or personal insolvency does not mean a fresh start, as you can be faced with a number of serious implications including:

  • Being permanently listed on a register that can be accessed by anyone, such as banks, landlords and employers.
  • Having overseas travel banned and potentially having your passport confiscated
  • Experiencing a time where banks/lending institutions/service providers won’t allow you to borrow or use their services
  • Being forced to sell certain assets
  • Having your income, employment and business affected
  • Being required to provide additional bonds for utilities, other services and more…

Get The Right Information From The Right People

There are a number of debt repair agencies who recommend Aussies to declare bankruptcy or personal insolvency. This is something you cannot reverse and because of the serious ramifications involved it is essential you fully understand the consequences. The Government provides thorough information and free financial counsellors, and everything is guaranteed to be independent and unbiased. Here are their great resources you can use:

  1. Free independent information and booklets on their Australian Financial Security Authority website.
  2. Informative and free You Tube videos such as:


  1. Access to free financial counsellors.

How Fair Go Finance Can Help

As soon as you experience difficulty repaying your Fair Go Finance loan, we want you to talk to us. We really want to help you and have a number of options that can help you get back on track. Please contact us before proceeding with a debt repair agency, as declaring bankruptcy/insolvency is a serious situation which can negatively impact your future.

At Fair Go Finance you can request hardship relief. This can include reducing your loan repayment to a manageable amount, temporarily stopping interest being charged and preventing additional fees being accrued.

If you have a loan with Fair Go Finance and are experiencing financial hardship – please contact us before you declare bankruptcy or personal insolvency as we are able to help you. You can contact us on 1300 324 746.